Our Theme: "Winning Souls and Strengthening Families" defines who we are. We are a body of believers
reaching out to our community, our country and around the world to spread God's Word.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we strive to follow in His footsteps and open our   doors to everyone,
without regard to age, race or background.  As a result, our church programs are designed to meet the
needs of the old and young, and provide a sense of community for all.  

We are committed to worshiping and serving Jesus Christ.  With our services, bible studies, choirs, dance
team, ushers, and other ministries we seek to worship and praise the Lord while reaching as many people
as possible with the Good News. We welcome you to be part of our family and join in our fellowship and
fun as we spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

To the men and women in the armed forces and their families. You have the continued love, support and
prayers of the New Salem church family.  

May God bless you all.